canadian goose down jacket Other Uses for Mistletoe

Other Ways to use Mistletoe

I may be speaking for lots of canadian goose down jacket when I say, Mistletoe automatically makes me think about kissing. This is a GREAT use for Mistletoe, but there are many other unique and useful things that canadian goose down jacket can learn about, and do with this great and interesting plant.

Mistletoe is very an interesting little plant creature. Its name is a hemiparasite, because it has a tendency to grown on trunks or branches of trees and steal the nutrients to nourish itself. Its capable, however, of growing by itself and taking advantage of photosynthesis, similar to other plants.

Though current tradition deems Mistletoe like a kissing plant at Christmastime, or Yule, there have been many other uses throughout history. Many ancient and not-so-ancient peoples have used Mistletoe in healing, magic, superstition, remedies, and mystery!

Most importantly, Mistletoe could be fatal if ingested in large quantities. Ingested in small amounts, however, in teas or extracts, canadian goose down jacketll rarely have unwanted effects. Mistletoe tea can be used in management of hypertension, epilepsy, and asthma. Add 1 teaspoon of finely chopped Mistletoe to at least one cup of water. Steep at room temperature for about 12 hours and then strain. Mistletoe has NOT been tested by the FDA, however, so caution is strongly urged. Like a notable addition, however, studies are now being performed proving that Mistletoe does kill laboratory cancer cells and may stimulate the defense mechanisms. Many remain skeptical of Mistletoes capability to cure cancer.

Next statement, canadian goose down jacket may not be rushing out to find Mistletoe tea to accompany canadian goose down jacket yuletide holiday celebrations. Never fear, there are more fun uses for Mistletoe that do not include drinking it! Mistletoe has been thought to ensure fertility, encourage negotiation of truce, defend against demons, as well as repel fire.

Some believe that the mere presence of a bundle of Mistletoe will aid healing of an ailing friend. Additionally, bundles of Mistletoe can be given to women attempting to conceive a child. Hang Mistletoe in canadian goose down jacket doorway to draw in love in canadian goose down jacket direction. Bundles can also be hung around canadian goose down jacket home to safeguard from fire and ill fortune.

Mistletoe is also easily grown. Utilization of berries from a mature Mistletoe plant could be planted and nurtured for growth. Select plump, white berries from plants round the month of April because these berries are mature and will supply the best results. Additionally, canadian goose down jacket will need to sacrifice another plant for a semi-parasitic Mistletoe to enjoy.

Select a tree a minimum of 15 years old making several incisions in to the bark as up high as possible. Take away the seed coats and place the seeds within the bark. Cover the seeds so as to discourage birds, but to allow sufficient sunlight. Plant numerous seeds to get a sufficient mixture of males and females. Mistletoe takes approximately 3-5 years to reach berry-producing size.

The tradition of kissing under the Mistletoe has been said to have begun with Norse mythology. It began as a celebration of resurrection, and cycled to the tradition of giving a kiss while simultaneously plucking a berry. Then were no remaining berries, there is to be no more kissing. Today, we have conveniently discarded the no more berries bit, and consider it a reason to offer a smooch.

So, now canadian goose down jacket are award of the little history, and also the many uses of Mistletoe which have been passed on through history, canadian goose down jacket will have stories to inform at canadian goose down jacket Christmas and Yuletide parties.