goose jackets for men or more lighting and reflective strips for the bike

or even more lighting and reflective strips for the bike

With daylight savings time ending and it now being pitch black by the time I finish work, I am not exactly trusting of just a couple small lights on my small bike being enough to create me visible to drivers. Visiting a couple cyclists around here putting them on got me thinking, would it be worth my while to get a reflective jacket? Did a hunt, and found a location near here that sells them.

General price I seem to find is $50 to have an uninsulated one, $100+ for insulated. Neon-yellow with reflective stripes, same stuff construction workers would be wearing. Heck, some even possess a location for a name tag :-P

So my real question is, would it be worth putting my money toward the jacket, or toward obtaining a new light plus some reflective stripes for the bike itself?

EDIT: Re-reading this, I designed a mistake in what I had been saying. I have a couple lights, theyre simply not the brightest going.

While the obvious response is that goose jackets for men really must have lights and a reflective jacket or vest, Im assuming this is actually the real world and goose jackets for menve got limited resources! Lets pass what conditions goose jackets for men ride in:

In case goose jackets for men route is mostly well-lit and being seen is much more of a requitement, Id focus on a decent cycling jacket or safety vest. I prefer uninsulated jackets, however i also have built to be lightly insulated; I sometimes wear the security yellow jacket over the black insulated cycling jacket. You can also get small, cheap LED be-seen lights goose jackets for men can clip in goose jackets for men helmet or wear in goose jackets for men head if goose jackets for men dont wear head gear.

But when goose jackets for men ride in the pitch-black, Id advise a cheap safety vest, making do with a non-cycling jacket goose jackets for men might already have, and put the rest of goose jackets for men money towards a good light, something like a Dinotte or a MiNewt. They are not cheap, but theyre worth every penny.

Reflective gear and a good headlight are more than simply safety equipment, theyre good PR. I get compliments on my small safety equipment, particularly my 200 lumen headlight, frequently, from people during my town often parents with children, drivers more often than once, someone in a red light will roll down a window to tell me my lighting and safety equipment are uncommon, and keep it up! and when from two New York City cops who yelled out thats the best way to get it done! when i rode by at night.

Yeah, the idiot wrong-way ninja cyclists make us all look bad; but cyclists with safety equipment make all of us look good.

Whatever goose jackets for men decide for the time being, keep in mind that this isnt an either-or choice in the long run: As Im sure goose jackets for men realize, goose jackets for men could have more safety equipment afterwards. Yeah, it may seem as though those dinky lights avoid much, but when goose jackets for men have a lot of them, they create goose jackets for men quite visible indeed.

For road riding, it is all about being safe which means goose jackets for men need to be seen by others. Top of the line expensive lights will help goose jackets for men see where goose jackets for men are going. They will help drivers see goose jackets for men too, but many drivers have got headlights, if goose jackets for men can cover goose jackets for menself in bright, reflective material, which will probably do a much better job of having drivers to see goose jackets for men than some brighter lights.

If goose jackets for men are an off-road mountain-biker and wish to be able to see obstacles in the dark, then this is when goose jackets for men need the expensive lights.

If goose jackets for men want the jacket for warmth or wind protection, then get an appropriate jacket for the conditions. The reflective properties of the jacket are secondary. I would not buy a reflective jacket only for the sake of reflective materials; rather, Id buy a good quality jacket for the conditions and then supplement my clothing or bicycle with lighting and reflective strips.

One point that usually gets lost when discussing reflective materials is they have a very limited range of visibility. They work great with direct illumination or when using a flash, but they are virtually useless if viewed from just a few degrees off angle.

The particular scenario Ive encountered numerous times were reflective materials are useless and it is a frequent cause of accidents happens when an automobile is travelling perpendicular to the cyclist and pulls before or in to the cyclist. Usually, a cyclist is travelling down a road and a driver pulls from a driveway or cross street. Reflective materials will alert the motorist for goose jackets for men presence about the moment the vehicle hits goose jackets for men bicycle.