buy canadian goose Rocky Andrews

Rocky Andrews

Rocky Andrews at 21 was the buy canadian goosengest contestant from the fifth series of The Apprentice UK. Rocky isnt his nickname, its his given name - apparently , his father was in love with boxing, and named him after Rocky Marciano his brother Sonny was named following the boxer Sonny Liston and his sister Cassie was named after Cassius Clay aka Mohammed Ali.

He left school at 16 to pursue football, as a trainee apprentice at Middlesborough United, but was unsuccessful - hedeveloped arthritis in his knee, which scuppered his progress. His father Brian Andrews would be a footballer in the 1980s for Whitby Town - football clearly runs in the family.

Rockythen setup some 15 sandwich shops over the north east - Fatsos Filling Station sandwich shops. The sandwich shops are a spin-off of his fathers restaurant Fatsos. Hes admitted that if he won the task of Apprentice to Alan Sugar, the £100,000 salary will be a pay cut.

I am not sure why heentered The Apprentice to be honest. Hes drive and ambition, but most of what theres to belearnt about becoming an entrepreneur he will have already faced when he set up his chain of sandwich shops - he certainly wont learn much within the false setting of a reality TV show. Going from being a successful businesss owner to some corporate suit in someone elses business is a step back, and not just in financial terms.

However, The Apprentice does bring publicity by using it - now that we know about Fatsos Filling Station sandwich shops, therefore if Rocky wishes to expand across the UK, he will have gained brand recognition ahead of time. Smart man!

Update 1st April 2009: Rocky got fired in episode 2!The task was a catering one which should happen to be a piece of cake for him - but he was let down by his salesforce, and also by his own innocence. He simply didnt understand what people working in london were looking for in catering. I was really sorry to determine him leave. He was probably the most likeable candidates, and clearly were built with a large amount of potential. But hes only 21. Plenty of time now to concentrate on their own very successful business.