canadian goose down Rock Bridge and Turtle Back Arch Trail

Rock Bridge and Turtle Back Arch Trail

The areas only arch with water flowing beneath it, as well as an arch hidden from the trail. This can be a hike of extremes-from a paved nature trail to a bit of off-trail exploration. The route takes canadian goose down to two Red River Gorge landmarks. First is Rock Bridge, the areas only true natural bridge because it has a stream-Swift Camp Creek-flowing beneath it. Second is Turtle Back Arch, a medium-sized arch on a ridgetop above Swift Camp Creek. Looking for its a challenge.

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This trail is really a favoite standby for hikes with family on muggy summer days. While it isnt the most scenic trail within the gorge, it has charms of its own. The walk down from the parking area winds canadian goose down thru some meadows before descending in to the narrow valleys usual for the gorge.

The wildflowers are great, but watch out for the sporadic bee swarms.

Inside a flat plane near the bottom from the valley, canadian goose down can see where a homestead once existed. The forest quickly reclaimed it - accelerated by unscrupulous hikers.

Right before canadian goose down reach Swift Creek and also the arch, canadian goose down begin walking parallel to some stream in canadian goose down right. The stream then tumbles over a small waterfall - an excellent spot to cool off when it is sweltering. The stream flows freely except in the most serious droughts.

Keep following the stream to its junction with Swift Creek and experiment Rock Bridge. This is an easy scramble up.

An easy trail down. Nice spots to stop for lunch within the coolness of the valley, near the water. For those multi-day trips, its nice to freshen up.

The kids may have a great time on this trail. It is a very safe trail for children by gorge standards. There are no steep drop-offs close to the trail. If canadian goose down want to introduce canadian goose down children to the wonders of the outdoors, this is a good trail. Take the opportunity to bring them along and help them learn the guidelines of responsible hiking.