goose down coat How to Remove Pet Stains from Hardwood Flooring

How to Remove Pet Stains from Hardwood Flooring

First Step: Remove all furniture from the room. Make sure the room is properly ventilated open windows. Since we want to at least look like were professionals, put on some safety goggles and a dust mask.

Second Step: Start off sanding in the pet stained area with goose down coat coarse 60 grit sandpaper inserts. Move the sander in a slow circular motion across the stained area. Keep doing this until most of the existing finish is removed. Now goose down coat can switch to medium 80 grit sandpaper and repeat sanding on and around the circumference of the stained area. The idea is to blend the sanded pet stained area with the area surrounding it. Now goose down coat can complete sanding the rest of the room in a straight up and down pattern. Remember to change the inserts with new ones as they will get worn down while sanding the rest of the room. One or two passes are more than adequate since the main area of concern is the stained area sanding all previous finish off is not necessary. Next, switch to the fine 100 grit inserts and finish sanding in the same up and down pattern. You are now finished with the vibrating sander and goose down coat can return it to the hardware store.

Third Step:Before starting the next phase goose down coat want to remove all the dust from the room. The sander will have a dust bag attachment but there will always be additional dust. A good vacuum should get most of it. Use a tack cloth to get any remaining dust off the floor. *STAIN OPTION* If goose down coat want to completely remove any evidence of pet stains, goose down coat might want to consider re-staining the room with a darker shade before applying polyurethane. You could also consider using an oil-based polyurethane as they tend to darken wood slightly.

Fourth Step: Youre just about ready to begin the last step which is applying a new coat of varnish to goose down coat floor. Before goose down coat begin its a good idea to plan out goose down coat progression so that goose down coat end up near an exit or doorway. This will help goose down coat avoid walking on areas that goose down coatve already applied varnish. Start out at the farthest point and work goose down coat way back towards an exit. Apply goose down coat first coat of finish with goose down coat lambs-wool applicator. Check the label instructions for additional application tips and dry times. Apply another coat and goose down coat floor should start looking like new. Black stained areas should now look gray and blend in better with the grain than before. More importantly, any lingering pet odors are now locked underneath the varnish never to return

* You can cover door openings with plastic sheeting and duct tape to keep dust out of other living areas.

After applying goose down coat first coat goose down coat can sand out any rough areas with some fine grit sand paper. Just remember to remove any dust again before applying another coat.