leather jacket winter Rockport Washington Hikes

Rockport Washington Hikes

Have an early start with this hike-this is really a popular trail, and July is the best time to see the wildflowers. In fact, the flowers will attract leather jacket winter attention before leather jacket winter even get to the trailhead. The last 2 miles of the road are bordered with Indian paintbrush, cow parsnip, and daisies. Because the road is constantly on the climb, the hanging meadows and rock towers of Sauk Mountain enter into view.

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Among my most favorite hikes. Ive done it probably 30-40 times through out my life. It comes down to a 8-9 mile drive away hwy 20 before leather jacket winter hit rockport. Its very hilly and sometimes tight. But individuals have been flexible through getting by. Go slow through the switch backs. Sometimes theyre really blind corners and people can go fast on the hill sometimes. The view in the the surface of the road is amazing if leather jacket winter would like to get a drive. The hike is switchbacks all the way up. In regards to a 1000 ft. in a 1 1/2 miles. You probably may wish to stop several times in route. For the average hiker it is about a 45 minutes hike. Can be done inside a half hour, and with many breaks about and hour or a little more. About 3/4 of the way up, leather jacket winter can aquire a great look at Mt. Baker. Then leather jacket winter get to the top and hike around to the back side of Sauk. Heres where it gets good. You get a spectacular look at the North Cascade valley, the Skagit River and all sorts of the peaks. Another 5-10 minutes of easy walking and leather jacket winter to the top. There is a hike down to Sauk Lake. Its steep, and the trail is not as good. People do camp in that area, but last time I went the bugs were so bad we left. The view in the surface of Sauk Mt. is 360 degrees and one of the best bang for leather jacket winter buck simple and easy , rewarding hikes within the state. There used to be a lookout at the top of this hike. They tore it down in 1980, however, leather jacket winter can continue to see some of the rebar at the top. Best of luck and have fun. Best to do at the end of summer. To expect 5000 ft at the the top. Also. bring a mountain bike and ride it in the future to Hwy 20. You wont have to peddle once! :