men coats on sale Opportunity Knocking

Opportunity Knocking

Inside a 50-game season it should be fool hardy to label a seven-game stretch that coincides using the midway point of the schedule as potentially the defining stretch for a team - but something concerning the journey the Wizards are about to embark on has that feel into it. Part of it is due to Dakotas current standing: one game below .500 and something game out of the playoff picture. More of it unquestionably has to do with the current look of the roster using the recent additions of Chris Wright, Stef Hannah and Taylor Griffin that yielded a 20-point conquer Iowa on Saturday.

The truth is, this road trip likely doesnt end up defining the season unless the Wizards go 7-0 or 0-7 over the next 3 weeks, but the looming possibility of a major statement to the remaining league is tangible. Was Saturday a preview or perhaps an aberration? Well know in less than 12 hours.

Tale Of The Tape

Dakota Wizards: 11-12

Offensive Efficiency: 105.2

Defensive Efficiency: 103.9

Iowa Energy: 17-7

Offensive Efficiency: 105.8

Defensive Efficiency: 102.2

Keys To The overall game

- The Wizards have reached an interesting position as theyll essentially be playing a four-game series with Iowa, interrupted only with a brief one-game visit to Sioux Falls. It would be simple to say all Dakota needs to do is recreate last Saturdays thrashing - but that would be too easy. With that in mind, as Nate Bjorkgren has said on several occasions since that win, he who controls the paint will probably win the game. Within their first ending up in Iowa - a loss - the Wizards gave up 62 points in the paint. Within their win, Dakota scored 60 within the paint, holding the power to 32 points. Logic appears to dictate, should one team hold a dramatic edge here again, theyll likely be the victor.

- Theres no denying that Hannah and Wright have been decided upgrades for the Wizards. The Warriors rookie is really a match-up nightmare only at that level, too quick for traditional frontcourt players and far too strong for any perimeter defender. He gives Dakota added muscle inside - another weapon about the glass. Hannah proved to be some everything in his debut: defender, playmaker, major scoring threat - most importantly though he opens the floor. There has been few games this season where Dakota showed better spacing on offense, better movement and overall execution.

- The beauty of these new weapons is how much it opens some misconception for other players on the ground. No, Edwin Ubiles, Mike Anderson and Mo Baker might not continue pumping out 20-point games with two and three new players to talk about the ball with, however their efficiency has room to grow. As talented and impressive as Ubiles has been this year, there has been stretches where hes attempted to do an excessive amount of and force the problem. But, with the added offensive firepower and his improved movement from the ball, Ubiles may be even more of the potent weapon now. Exactly the same can be said for Anderson, who has proven time and again to become a dynamic finisher from the weak side.

- Just a couple quick thoughts tonight, but well have ample recap following tonights action.

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